Which eyelash wholesale should you choose ?

Which eyelash wholesale should you choose ?

First , best quality lashes .

All the customer choose the eyelash first, what they need is high quality lashes instead of the service and price.So you should choose best lashes vendors first, make the right order and then you will own the best mink lashes.If you want to know the professional skills on how to distinguish the lashes, you can read the post we publishes before.

《Who do wholesale lashes?》

best lashes vendors

best lashes vendors

Second, 100% handmade lashes wholesale.

Why choose lashes made by hand ? All the luxury lashes are made by hand to make a good 3D appearance ,and if you choose the one made by machine, that will be cheap and the same shape without soul .

《do-you-know-the-benefits-of-siberian-mink-eyelashes》luxury mink lashes

luxury mink lashes

In fact , our skilled workers can only produce 10 pairs luxury mink lashes . We pay too much time to select the best mink fur and make the perfect structure which machine can’t do that.

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