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Best Eyelash Vendor —— CALECEH LASHES

CALECEH LASHES is a eyelash vendors and eyelash manufacturer with high quality.We not only produce mink lashes,but also wholesale mink lashes.Our product have 3d mink lashes,20mm mink lashes,22mm mink lashes,25mm mink strip lashes,regular mink lashes,lashes glue,lashes tweezers,and we also can custom lash packaging.


CALECEH LASHES lash vendors has won the trust and support of thousands of mink eyelash entrepreneurs with fast delivery, high quality products and thoughtful after-sales service. We have become a well-known Wholesale lashes vendor in the United States and even the world!We will continue to innovate, ,constantly design new style of mink lashes, to make our customers continue to expand!

Why Are We The Best Mink Lash Vendor For You ?

In the last few years, a lot of  customers ask us to improve the quality of our lashes and constantly designing new styles of mink lashes. We also have customers request us to make mink lashes into the highest quality eyelashes on the market, so that our customers will have greater advantages and be in an invincible position in the competitive market!In fact, it’s not difficult to buy  mink lashes . The most difficult thing is how can you buy high quality eyelashes that really suitable for you.

20mm mink lash vendor

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For a person who wholesales mink lashes, if he always wholesale some cheap lashes with poor quality, his sales work may be simple, but his after-sales will be very difficult! He will encounter many customers returns and lose a lot of customers! Even he will lose confidence in his lash business! Please remember that you will never succeed if you are always reception of new customers,but ignore old customers! So the most important thing to start your own lash business is to find a great lash vendor,we believe that we are the best mink lashes vendor for you.If you have difficulties with your eyelash business,we can provide useful help for you.

We Are Constantly Designing New Styles !

We have more than 100 styles of mink lashes now, and we are constantly designing new styles. Our mink lash styles range from natural to more open to more dramatic. Recently we have designed 10 styles of big mink lashes,the length of that big lash is  25mm mink lashes,they are very popular on the market! If you are looking for some eyelashes with more dramatic look, then you will like our 25mm mink lashes! They looks very full! We hope to bring more style choices for you as a eyelash vendor.

Our mink lashes are very durable. We recommend that they can be apply 20-25 times, and you can wash them with water if they become dirty,then use the hair dryer to dry them again,the 3D effect is still so good!

25mm mink lashes vendor

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To Start Your Own Eyelash Business !

We are factory which have own design team !You can directly order 3D mink lashes from us ! And we can custom the eyelashes according to your own requirements, the custom style is only your own!

The general retail price of 3D mink lashes is $20-$30 a pair in USA, so you have enough profit margins  to earn 4-5 times profit by wholesaling our lashes, and we also provide customers with transportation sales solutions on our retail website platform.

If you are in the hair extension industry, we strongly recommend that you add 3D mink lashes to your product. 3D mink lash is a very popular product and it can bring you a lot of  customers!

16mm mink lashes vendor

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Customize The Packaging For Your Brand !

The most important thing is that when you need to customize the packaging for your brand, we can custom lash packaging for you, and we can print your LOGO on the packaging, let you sell your own brand of 3D mink lashes!

Our custom packaging has a minimum order quantity of only 60 pieces, which is very low for you!We don’t recommend using a plastic transparent box with a label,the level of this package is very low. The customer will not think of your lashes have the value of $20-$30! Please remember that even the best products also need good packaging!

Custom Eyelash Packaging

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