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Be an Original-Brand Mink Eyelash Wholesale Vendor Help You Start Your Own Mink Eyelash Brand Business!

Celine Lashes is a trustworthy Eyelash manufacturer and Eyelash Vendor supplies high-quality mink eyelash to the whole world. Due to our fast delivery and considerate after-sales service, we have built long-term cooperation with thousands of mink eyelash entrepreneurs, and have won far-reaching reputations in the United States and the world as a whole. Our company philosophy is constant innovation in the designs, thus we have be developed a growing number of customers.

In the past few years, a lot of customers have showed us their demands of higher-quality lashes, and newer designs. Some warm-hearted customers suggest us to produce the best-quality lashes so that both we and our business customers can have more competitive edge in the global market.

As you know, the mink eyelashes are now of various quality in the market. You can learn our determination to produce and supply the most fascinating and best-quality lashes from the brief introduction of our company history below.

We begins to make 3D mink lashes three years ago. At the beginning, we would make over 100 pairs of new mink lashes each time and give out them free to our workers, our friends, and our customers. Then, we would make a survey and ask them the following questions. “How do you like the lashes?” “Do you think the lashes are natural?” “Is the lashes comfortable?” “Is the stalk soft enough?” We would make a detailed report based on their feedback and make according improvement. In this way, after over 100 times of improvements and surveys, we finally produced the perfect lashes. Still, we continue the questionnaire, asking the experiencers, “how do you like it?” and “would you like to recommend it to your friends or relatives?” Only after the customer satisfaction reached 90%, will we starts to sale our products and we take delight in receiving the feedback so that we can make further improvement and innovation. Till today, we are confident that we can make the best mink lashes in the market!

In fact, for an individual buyers, it is not difficult to buy a pair mink eyelash. But it is hard to buy high-quality eyelashes that really suit them, which matters the most for their physical and mental health.

If you were a wholesaler, purchasing numbers of lashes is not difficult, the difficulty relies on how you can find a good supplier, who can provide with high quality mink eyelash. As our company promotes, quality is the soul of products. If you cared too much about price, you would probably ignore the quality of the lashes. Low price may appeal a good number of buyers at first, but the after-sale service would be torturous. Many customers may request a refund and never buy lashes from you. Then, you may doubt yourself and lose faith in your eyelash business. Please keep in mind that you can make your business work only if you value the old customers.

Why are some entrepreneurs expanding their business while others fail to sustain their companies? Why do the same efforts  lead to different results? Here is our answer: wrong products. The success of eyelash business highly depends on the brand. Most buyers would customize the packaging boxes, with their LOGO printed on the boxes. However, if the quality is not guaranteed, even a large customer group can not keep the business going, because they will not repurchase from the same company ever again, less recommending the lashes to others.

On the other hand, if you purchase good quality eyelashes, even if you only have one customer at first, he will buy lashes from you again, and may also introduce your products to three people. This is how viral marketing works, and it’s simple to be successful in this way. But good quality products are vital for viral marketing and a good brand.

Cheapest product will only waste your time and efforts. And 99% of this kind of business will fail! We sincerely suggest that you  choose good quality mink lashes if you want to build a brand, because we have witnessed so many customers with such experience. We hope that you can make a comprehensible market survey on product review before you wholesale mink lashes.

Why Can’t You Purchase Cheap And Poor Eyelashes

  1. Both the qualityand the style of the samples you purchased for the first time may differ widelyfrom that of the bulk products you purchased later.
  2. 2. Thestalks of the cheap lashes are ashard as  an iron wire, making your customers extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, they will never buy lashes from you ever again.
  3. The cheap lashesare asymmetrical. For the price is low, the suppliers will not bother to pick out the defective products, and simply sell them with the qualified lashes!
  4. The tips don’t matchwith the roots, making it ugly to wear such lashes.
  5. 5.The hairswill fall off because they are pasted to the stalk with cheap glue.
  6. Processed with perm agent, the cheap lashesare with an obvious chemical smell, which will increasecancer risks.
  7. The cheap productsare made with the help ofsemi-automatic machines. Such lashes can be produced more than 100 pairs a day. On the contrary, all of the steps in our factory are manual. With the spirit of craftsmanship, we can only make 10 pairs a day. Surely there a vast difference between these two kinds of finished products.


We can promise you that these defects do not exist in our products, for it has taken two years to rectify them. Thus, you can see why our cost are several times higher than the low quality lashes.

What is 3D mink Eyelashes?

Compared with other types, mink eyelashes are purely handmade. Made of the minks’ shedding hairs(cruelty-free), which contain natural black protein, mink lashes seem to be rather natural. Besides, the mink hairs curve at different points, making the lashes look 3D, thus earn the name of 3D mink eyelash for this type of lashes. As it is the best, it is  the most expensive.

Ranging from 4 to 8 layers, our 3D mink eyelashes look thicker, more delicate, and more beautiful. Once the customers lay eyes on our lashes, they would be earnest to try the lashes on. Different styles will show various effects. Some seems natural while others are eye-catching. Compare our eyelashes with the cheap ones, I’m sure you will cut the cheap lashes off your list. You may argue that cheap mink eyelashes also have a share of the market, but the market is changing all the time. It’s better to choose the high end market now than await your doom when all the clients have left for the high quality lashes.

We have more than 100 styles of mink eyelashes, and continue to design new styles. We first produced natural lashes, then we designed more audacious types, now we have developed dramatic styles. Recently, we promote 10 styles of big eyelashes with the length of 25mm, which is well received in the market. If you fell for dramatic appearance,  you will definitely favour our big mink eyelashes, which look full and plump. As a vendor, we hope that we can offer you more styles of lashes so that your customers can show up with different makeups and have a new mood.

Given that our mink eyelashes are durable, we suggest that one pair can be used 20 to 25 times. If the lash got dirty, just wash it with water and then dry them with a hairdryer. You will find that it still looks 3D.

Start Branding Your Own 3D mink Eyelash Business!

We have our own factory as well as a professional design team. Purchasing 3D mink lashes from us will help your eyelash business succeed. What’s more, we can customize eyelashes according to your requirements, exclusively belonging to you.

The average retail price of 3D mink eyelashes in the United States is $20 to $30, which enables you to earn 4-5 times profit if you wholesale lashes from us. Meanwhile, we also provide customers with marketing and transport solutions on our retail website.

If you engage in eyelash extensions, it is highly recommend that you include 3D mink eyelashes within your business. Beyond question, 3D mink eyelashes, as a popular product, will attract more customers.

What’s most important is that we offer customized packaging with your LOGO on, creating a brand for your lash business. In addition, our minimum order quantity for customized packaging is only 50, a low barrier for you. Transparent plastic box with a plastic label is not recommend, because the client would not consider lashes with such downscale package are worthy of 20 to 30 dollars. Remember, just as a masterpiece need a good cover, the best quality lashes also need an impressive package!

We Also Provide Website Construction Services

A well-designed website that displays your fine eyelashes will attract large customer current capacity and orders, which is the key to the success of marketing. If you need the  3D mink eyelashes website, you can also contact us. The annual cost is $699. We will show you the effect, and you can pay for it after you are satisfied.

If you ordered website construction, our designer will create a new website, then we will update the product pictures. And you  to send us the LOGO, contact and other  information needed in each page. We can build the website within 3 days, then, we will send you the website backstage login information, so that you can accept orders yourself. Please don’t concern yourself about the operation process. If you knew how to post a FACEBOOK dynamic messages, you can address the orders and make a delivery  on the website.

As a professional one-stop company supplying mink eyelashes, we are honored to help you to expand your business!

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