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  1. Hi Eyelash Manufacturer I am interested in buying wholesale customized mink lashes and packing and private labels mink lashes how can I order some 3d mink lasehs samples of your lashes to get started?

  2. Hi, my name is Amari Lomax. I’m very interested in starting my own eyelash business and I need a good eyelash vendor to provide me very good 3d mink lashes. Could you contact me back as soon as possible. Thank You

  3. Hey my name is kiera. I was looking for a lash vendor and came across your company. How can I go about receiving simples to test out the 3d mink lashes?

  4. Hey….I’m Sasha Harry from Nigeria, and I will like to start up my private label lashes and I’m considering planning to work with you on that can I please get a list on your whole sale price and also the price charged for custom made packaging Thank you

  5. Do you Wholesale Mink Lashes and custom eyelash packaging ? And I would like to sample a few of your 3d mink lashes. Can I get wholesale mink lashes prices for samples and bulks please

  6. I’m trying to find a really good wholesale mink vendor because i wanna start an eyelash line.how do i go about getting a sample from you. Can I get pricing on your 3D mink lashes and custom eyelashes packaging?

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